Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Indicium: New Warhammer Expansion - Gridlock 40k

More and more vehicles inevitably gives rise to new expansions that support the sales of these models - call it a vicious circle or a revenue model. First there was Spearhead, where tanks of all stripe were encouraged to take the field with updated unit rules in numbers limited only by the points value of the game being played.

With the unrivaled success of Spearhead, Games Workshop saw an opportunity to further encourage the sale of their larger model kits. As such, they are pleased to announce Gridlock 40k!

Set in the far-off future, on inhospitable worlds, where vehicles are dirt cheap and infantry are just meant to drive them, Gridlock 40k allows players (except Tyranids) to experience vicariously the fevered flush of rush hour traffic, drive-by shootings, and carjackings. With rules that have been thoroughly researched and play-tested, Gridlock 40k represents the pinnacle of gaming finesse (except Tyranids) and is the most fun you can have pushing plastic boxes across your dining room table (except Tyranids).

Click here for the complete rule set

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