Saturday, March 19, 2011

Commutatus: GK Thunder Hammer Fin

This is the final version of the thunder hammer for my Grey Knights. I added the flamer muzzle tip to the end of the hammer as a finishing touch. Like a good bits hunter, I let no piece of the carcass got to waster.
So far, my list has one ten man Purifier squad and one ten man Grey Knight Strike squad. For the Purifiers, I am using the classic metal power armor Grey Knights and for the Strike Squad I am using robed marines from the Dark Angels sprue. The Purifier squad gets two hammers, one of which is master crafted and the Strike squad Justicar gets a master crafted hammer as well.
I used the etched brass Inquisition symbols from Forge World for a little more detail on the hammer.

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Jeff said...

Very nice Austen. The etching really makes it.