Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Indicium: Grey Knights Bits Breakdown

With the Grey Knights available for pre-order, I took a quick look at the sprues to breakdown the bits available.

While I may have some reservations about certain design elements (magazine-fed storm bolters!), I am absolutely thrilled with the amount of stuff they packed onto these sprues. With some extra marine bodies, you can basically build thirteen distinct power armor grey knights from one kit and eight grey knight terminators from the GKT box. I have not included the legs and torsos as these are limited five per box.

So without further ado, here is the relevant bits breakdown:

Grey Knights box:
-8 stormbolter arms
-5 force swords
-3 force halberds
-3 pair of falchions
-1 warding staff
-1 daemon hammer
-2 psycannons w/opposing arm
-1 incinerator w/opposing arm
-1 psilencer w/opposing arm
-7 heads

Grey Knight Terminator box:
-8 pairs of arms (incl. narthecium arm)
-5 storm bolters
-1 psycannon, psilencer, incinerator
-5 force halberds
-5 force swords
-5 pairs of falchions
-13 heads

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