Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exemplum: Necromunda Enforcers as a Warband

With the new Grey Knights book on the horizon, I have been exploring some options to create an Inquisitorial warband that mixes elements from all the henchmen without being too spammy or too ineffective. As a devout Necromunda player, I have long been a fan of the Enforcer models but have never really wanted to run them as a gang. In taking another look recently at what you get in the Enforcers box, I realized this it was an excellent starting point for an Arbites inquisition unit.

For a reference to the contents of the box, check out the lead-in image as well Waggerz excellent post on Eastern Fringe (special thanks to Waggerz for the image and the thread). First off, none of the models come with weapons molded on. This is a rarity for any metal line and makes this box an excellent starting point. Furthermore, the weapon options and models are almost spot on for what a warband can run.

Here is a sample warband made from the Enforcers box:
Arcoflagellent - cyber mastiff
Crusader - Arbiter with shield and maul
Acolyte w/boltgun x2 - Arbiters w/ boltgun
Acolyte w/laspistol + ccw - Arbiter sergeant
Acolyte w/special weapon x 3 - Arbiters w/ plasma pistol, flamer, plasmagun

So that's eight guys that translate right out of the box into a reasonable warband. However, because none of the weapons are molded on, you can easily convert from whatever bits you have lying around.

For my warband, I would arm all three special weapon acolytes with meltaguns (the metal bits version work just fine) and would like swap the maul for a power sword to be closer to the crusader's actual look. Other than that, I would run them as-is.

Certainly this is not a "competitive" load-out for a warband, but I do feel like it well represents an Arbite squad without sacrificing too many extra points. I would consider playing the mastiff as an assassin to represent it's speed and agility or if I needed the points, to just drop it down to a basic acolyte.


Tim said...

If you're interested, I've got some of the old models with shotguns...and i think I might have the judge guy as well. I'll bring em to practice on sunday

Morgrim Dark said...

Tim, thanks so much! Guess I need to show up for practice now... ;)