Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Commutatus: Grey Knight Thunder Hammer

With the advent of 10 point thunder hammers in the Grey Knight codex, I couldn't resist doing a simple conversion to one of my robed knights. At this point, I am unwilling to carve up my classic power armor grey knight models, even though halberds on the strike squad are seemingly not worth the points. My opinion may change after a few games, but for the time being my PAGK on the cheap will serve purpose for some thunder hammer conversions.

This one is basic and largely unadorned with the usual power hammer trappings. In this case, I took one of the search lights from a land speeder sprue (actually this is from the Dark Angels vehicle sprue) and clipped it to fit onto a metal GK halberd. I cut the halberd blade just above the platform base, then trimmed the searchlight back so that it fit square on this platform.

In addition (before mounting the hammer), I trimmed off the search light lens and glued a terminator honors glyph to the front of the hammer. I haven't decided whether and what additional trimmings to add. I may do a power cable just below the hammer head but haven't found a good bit. I also clipped a bit off the end of the halberd to give it a closer feel to the length of a thunder hammer.

Ultimately, this is just a simple conversion using leftover bits. I will likely run 6 to 8 power armor thunder hammers in the list so want an easily replicated conversion. The other requirement is to be able to reuse the existing halberd models on my robed marines. I predict that plastic hammers from the new kits will be in short supply and not readily available from bits outlets.

Feel free to post suggestions for this conversion or any other ideas you might have for crafting a thunder hammer suitable for the grey knights.

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