Friday, March 18, 2011

Commutatus: GK Thunder Hammer Redux

I came back to my original TH conversion after a day or so and realized I wasn't too pleased with it. So instead, I whipped up these more proper looking hammer heads and pinned them onto the GK halberds.
The conversion is fairly straightforward. Take a Tau flamer and cut the "cartridge" and the body as shown above. Then simply glue the cartridge on the taller end of the body piece (I like the ridges facing front) and add an aquila embellishment from one of the many marine bits sprues you have lying around. Mine came from the Ravenwing sprue as it was a little thicker and I like the rivets.

I also added the tech piece from the power mace that comes with the Dark Angels upgrade sprue to give it some more distance and more closely resemble terminator hammers.

I have yet to trim the halberd handles a little shorter and may add some to the handle itself.