Thursday, March 24, 2011

Commutatus: Karamazov Battle Dais

So with the inclusion of Karamazov in the new Grey Knights codex, I decided to try my hand at converting a mobile dais for my inquisitor. Originally, I had thought to go with a platform mounted on tracks - a sort of mini-tank - but then I realized, "Hey, this is 40k. Why go with anything resembling reality?!". And thus the above chicken walker was born.

Unlike the Karamazov model, I didn't want my inquisitor permanently mounted. I liked the idea of Inquisitor Josiah Starck being able to pound ground when he needs to but also being able to mount his mobile platform of doom, swinging his sword and screaming, "Walk me closer to the enemy!".
The dais is open and easily fits a 25mm base. I chose this metal inquisitor to be my new Starck (he has been through several iterations) due to the plus-sized sword and the massive =][= symbol on his collar. The dais itself will get a few more bits, including an underslung multimelta, more leg armor, and additional scrollwork.
As a size comparison, the dais stands slightly taller than a rhino. But as an IC infantry model, Karamazov can join with a hench squad for additional protection (leadership and extra wounds) and he can get cover just by being in area terrain.

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Tim said...

It kind of reminds me of something from star wars but I can't place it. Works fine as a model though. I guess the metal version is a pain to put together.