Thursday, October 1, 2009

Commutatus: Grey Knight Grandmaster

Here is a simple but effective conversion that adds some additional close combat prowess to the Grey Knight Grandmaster. Per the Daemonhunters codex, the storm shield counts as a single-handed close combat weapon and would thus grant an extra attack to the single-handed nemesis force weapon. Of course, with the next Daemonhunters codex, this oversight will be rectified but likely the storm shield will be upgraded to confer a 3++ invulnerable save.

The storm shield is the sergeants shield from the assault terminator box set. The should pad is converted from the Dark Angels upgrade sprue. I have attached green stuff to the shield and shoulder pad and impressed the inscriptions from a grey knight terminator shoulder pad to give the impression of ancient wards of protection.

Finally, the shoulder pad has been modeled with a green stuff crest to better tie it in with the standard grey knight shoulder pad.

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