Friday, October 16, 2009

Bellum: Daemonhunters vs Chaos Daemons

A quick little battle report pitting the denizens of Chaos against the subterfuge of the Ordo Malleus.

Daemonhunters List
Inq Lord w/psycannon + 3 x HB servitors, 2 x mystics, 2 x artificer acolytes
GKGM w/storm shield/mastercrafted + 9 x GKT w/1 incinerator & 1 psycannon

Inq w/incinerator + 3 x plasma vets, 2 x mystics, 1 x familiar; rhino w/EA + smoke

7 x PAGK + 1 psycannon
7 x PAGK + 1 incinerator

Dreadnought w/TLLC + incinerator

Daemons list
Lord of change
Chariot mounted Khorne herald

4 x flamers
5 x bloodcrushers

15 x daemonettes
15 x horrors w/2 tzeentch heralds
15 x plague bearers

tzeentch daemon prince

The game was secure the objective with dawn of war and I won the deployment roll. I gave him first turn so that I could respond more effectively to what he would bring down turn 1. I started with my Inq lord squad and the psycannon PAGK huddled around my objective. Everything walked on first turn.

Turn 1 - Daemons: He rolls to be able to bring his preferred half of daemons in. D/S lord of change and 5 bloodcrushers almost on top of my inq lord (about 14" out). Unfortunately, my mystics could only see out 11" so no shooting from them. The squad of horrors scatters a bit back but lands about 12" from his objective. The daemonettes come in towards the middle of the board about 18" from my table edge. Lord of change zaps 4 of my PAGK and everything else runs.

Turn 1 - Daemonhunters: The PAGK w/incinerator roll up in the LRC and jump out about 6" from the clumped daemonettes. They proceed to burn the squad down to 5. The dread walks on the board and puts a wound on one of the 'crushers. The psy PAGK and the inq lord gun down the lord of change. The elite inq drives up 12", hop out and proceed to put wounds on all the 'crushers, killing one. GKT walk on and do very little.

Turn 2 - Daemons: He rolls in his prince and khorne herald; no scatter due to banner usage. The 'crushers assault the elite inq and his rhino - rhino lives, inquisitor and retinue do not. Horrors fire at the incinerator PAGK - I lose four. Daemonettes assault the same squad and two more die. Daemon prince pops my dread with bolt of change and the herald runs.

Turn 2 - Daemonhunters: Rhino moves 12" towards enemy objective. Inq lord and psy PAGK put 12 wounds on the herald - he saves them all. GKT slam into the 'crushers and take them out - massacre move takes them closer to the herald. LRC maneuvers around the daemonette/pagk combat and starts heading to the other objective - puts a wound on the prince in process. Daemonettes finish off the PAGK and move toward the GKT.

Turn 3 - Daemons: Flamers d/s in; plague bearers do not. Prince assaults the LRC and immobilizes it and destroys the assault cannon. Horrors start moving to their objective. Herald of khorne and daemonettes assault the GKT. I lose 3 GKT and he loses 4 daemonettes - the herald saves all GKT wounds! He loses combat by one, the last daemonette fails her no retreat save and she dies.

Turn 3 - Daemonhunters: Inq lord guns down the daemon prince. Immobilized LRC takes a few pot shots at the horrors - he has literally been immobilized 20" away and in direct facing of the enemy objective. Khorne herald kills off one more GKT before the GKGM puts him down for good. GKT massacre move away from the incoming flamers. Rhino shoot forward another 12" towards the objective.

Turn 4 - Daemons: Plague bearers show up. Flamers jump towards GKT - plague bearers run to screen the flamers. Horrors continue to move to their objective. One flamers glances the rhino for a stun - rhino wearing extra armor drops that to a shaken.

Turn 4 - Daemonhunters: GKT are able to assault both flamers and plague bearers (he wanted to screen the flamers completely so they could burn the PAGK off my objective). Rhino drives right on top of enemy objective. GKT does nothing to flamers but takes out eight plague bearers.

Turn 5 - Daemons: Tzeentch heralds wreck the rhino (I forgot to pop smoke during my movement phase - I keep thinking you still do it in the shooting phase). However, he has to stretch out his horrors squad to get a shot on the rear armor - more to come on this. The GKT finish off the flamers and plague bearers - then get a big 2" massacre move towards the horrors on his objective.

Turn 5 - Daemonhunters: I ask my opponent to move my lead GKT exactly 6" towards his horrors - the game will be decided on whether the GKT can pull the horrors off the objective in close combat, hence my request that my opponent move my closest GKT. I put a few shots into the horrors squad, careful that I don't do too many wounds that would allow him to wrap the herald. The herald is the closest model to my GKT - remember he had to maneuver this guy for a rear armor shot on the rhino - turns out this put him within assault range for the GKT. GKT assault the horrors, pull them off the objective, and the game is over.

Daemonhunters scrape by with a win!

This was an awesome game with a lot of great back and forth. I took a big risk with that ten man GKT squad (I normally run 7-8 in a squad). Also, from now on, all my lists will have sacred incense on the GKGM. That would have been very helpful in that game - but it wasn't there. Psycannons bring a whole new level of pain to the daemons. I always have two in my normal list (inq lord and pagk) and added the third in my GKT (I have the model but rarely run it).

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