Thursday, October 22, 2009

Figmentum: Brother Raziel - An Inquisition Dreadnought

Following the Badab War, the Ordo Malleus sent several inquisitors to the Ultima Segmentum to investigate the possibility that Lufgt Huron might have been daemonically possessed and to ensure that the daemon taint did not spread further. Among those sent was Inquisitor Josiah Starck and his retinue of acolytes, mystics, and servitors.

Starck's crew boasted of having some of the most sensitive mystics in the Ordo Malleus and Starck himself claimed that they could keenly sense tremors in the warp even more than many astropaths. Whether this claim was grounded in truth or not, the mystics proved their value when, upon entering the system, they immediately sensed the presence of an ancient lifeforce emanating from a nearby asteroid.

Starck ordered his captain to maneuver the ship in so that a landing party would be able to reach the asteroid. On the surface of the rock, Starck found the wreckage of an Astral Claws thunderhawk. The mystics pinpointed the lifeforce as coming from inside the hulk so Starck ordered his servitors to pull apart the craft. To his great surprise, the servitors uncovered a massive space marine dreadnought, badly damaged, but whose life support systems were still functioning.

Josiah recovered the ancient machine, separating the sarcophagus and placing the remnants of the space marine in a chamber prepped specifically for questiong. Through a long series of intense verbal and psychic interrogations, the space marine known as Brother Raziel told his story.

He had been part of a small number of loyal Astral Claws who had attempted to escape Badab and warn the loyal astartes of Huron's treachery. While still in system, their thunderhawk had been terminally damaged by the Astral Claws flagship, the Tiger Claw, and crashed on the asteroid that Starck had found. Due to the enhanced life support systems of the dreadnought frame Raziel had managed to survive the crash and stay alive until Josiah found him.

After verifying the truth of Raziel's story and ensuring that he had not been tainted by Chaos, Josiah asked the ancient marine whether he would like to continue fighting as part of Starck's inquisitorial cadre. Brother Raziel agreed on the condition that his dreadnought be repaired and that he would be allowed to continue the fight within its massive framework.

Marked with the mighty seal of the Inquisition and inscribed with ancient texts of warding, Brother Raziel now fights alongside the Inquisitor Josiah Starck. Raziel's fervent desire is to rid the galaxy of the Chaos taint that felled his mighty chapter and regain some of the honor lost in their ignominious fall.

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