Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Commutatus: Modeling Plastic Grey Knights

A simple conversion to create a power armor Grey Knight is to use the robed marines off the Dark Angels upgrade sprue combined with the grey knight halberd bits sold by GW.

For this conversion, I used the inquisition shoulder pad from the DA sprue and an extra terminator storm bolter mounted on the wrist of a plastic arm. The halberd bits can be found on the GW site here.

However, if you want an all plastic grey knight, the power sword and power mace bits off the DA sprue make excellent nemesis force weapons. You can even use the terminator store shields as a good looking upgrade for the justicars leading your knights.

The DA sprue includes a single terminator storm bolter that can be easily trimmed and wrist mounted to a regular marine arm. With a little trimming, you can mount two bolt guns side by side to make a credible storm bolter.

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