Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dark Angels 6e Rules Preview

Given the dearth of Dark Angels rules rumors, I figured I would post a translation from the Spanish site Akiba Station. With only three days remaining, this post will soon be OBE (overtaken by events) but at least its something to whet your appetite:

General Rules
  • The special rule "Inner Circle" gives hatred against Chaos Space Marines and Courage.
  • The table of Warlord includes options to increase the turboboost 1D6 of motorcycles, rabid Assault, +1 / -1 to the roll of reserves, courage, feel no pain
  • Belial will cost 190 points and can change their weapons as now at no additional charge. Allows Deathwing Terminators as troops.
  • Land Speeder Sammael has its shield 14 as an alternative. Allows bikes are troops.
  • Azrael allows bikes and terminators as troops. Gives a 4 + invulnerable to his unit and his power weapon is S6 AP3.
  • No specific psychic Dark Angels. However Ezekiel has an AP2 S4 attack, if this hurts the enemy and survive, subtract 3 to its BS and WS.

Deathwing Knights
  • +1 To their strength if in base contact with each other
  • The champion's CCW is S +2, AP3

  • The champion's CCW is S +2, AP2
  • Land Raider gets Venerable rule (re-roll result in damage table) - "Deathwing Vehicle" upgrade for 30 pts

Land Speeder Revenge
  • The plasma turret is S7 AP2, 3 shots or large blast shot

Land Speeder Shroud (80 pts)
  • Has the dark rule, which gives +2 to their cover save.
  • A 6 "units have +1 to their cover save.

Ravenwing Dark Talon
  • Vortex Cannon: Strength 5, AP-, small blast, blindness.

Nephilim Jetfighter (about 150/160 pts)
  • Megabolter revenge: Strength 6, AP4, Heavy 5
  • Blacksword Missile: Strength 6, AP4
  • Relentless Hunter: Allows exchanging a result of the enemy weaponry destroyed by an immobilized result.

Black Knights Ravenwing (126 pts, unit of 3)
  • Hammer Corvus: Strength +1, AP-, Rending
  • The plasma have a range of 18 "rapid fire. Seems to provide a special rule to bolter shots later.
  • The champion carries the Sword of Caliban, A +1 AP3.

Command Squad Ravenwing.
  • Same points as the Black Knights.

Ravenwing (80 points, unit of 3)