Friday, January 25, 2013

Adepticon - Team Remote Presence

Remote Presence is sponsoring one of the top teams in the 40k gamerverse. Having gathered gamers from near the D.C. Metro area, this fearsome foursome could likely prove to be this season's solid middle performers!

In the run-up to the grand weekend here are a couple of pics of Lo Pan's DKoK army:
Here is a pic of the beginnings of a hoard. The basic team with be two 1k lists each comprising a twenty-five man infantry platoon.

A close-up shot of the heavy weapons team - looks like someone brought an air-guitar to a gun fight!

This was all Tim's idea - he loves DKoK!


Lo-Pan said...

I've heard Tim just can't get enough of DKoK. Hopefully their big guns will satisfy him.

Tim said...

DKoK is looking real good right now. The armor color really works. Also like the bright faces...adds character.

G Red said...

it is not the size of the is the muzzle velocity of the projectile. Post more pix of the DKoK, especially after they get their hands back from the cleaners ;) I believe there are rough riders too?

Lo-Pan said...

I do actually have Cavalry and some Artillery crew. Right now, ALL the DKoK Infantry are on the bench, but if time runs short I will cut back on the workload.

G Red said...

So I noticed the guys do have their hands attached. So much for attention to detail :( Are the gloves going to stay the same/similar color as the coat, which is the blue of the Belgian army from WWI if I'm not mistaken.

They do look nice and bright, which is a good thing.

Lo-Pan said...

At a minimum, the gloves will get a wash, though I'm leaning towards a something to differentiate them a bit more from the coats. On the other hand (pun inteded), I also intend to make the inner fabric of the coats either darker or lighter than the external, so this means the cuffs and folded areas below the waist will stand out a bit more. I'm averaging 2 nights per week on the DKoK, but I hope to have them ready for the 'con.