Friday, June 17, 2011

Indicium: Head Asplode - You, Me and Kuang Shi

Lo Pan's Yu Jing list includes a bunch of re-educated political prisoners known collectively as the Kuang Shi. These are the poor bastards that the great and benevolent Yu Jing empire has taken a slight disliking to and decided that they have a better use within the greater good - namely as that of living explosives.

Leave it to Infinity to have a mechanic worked out for how models involuntarily Explode should they fall into an unconscious state. Furthermore, this model can voluntarily choose to Explode by making a Willpower test - you would think he'd need a Willpower test just so that he wouldn't explode. Really?! You want to explode... is life really that bad off? Apparently, prisoners of the Yu Jing seem to think so.

In Infinity, if you have a Doctor or medic on the board and one of your miniatures loses its last Wound, the mini is left on the board and your Doctor can use his Willpower to possibly revive his fallen comrade. However, for a model with the Explode characteristic, unconsciousness turns out to be the final solution - no chance to recover someone whose limbs are littering the battlefield.

But of course, the Yu Jing have to take it one step further and equip all the Kuang Shi with a remote detonator. So Lo Pan is required to field another model with a Kuang Shi Control Device to keep these mindless zombies in check - oh and to be able to explode them at a moment's notice. Using a Long Order, with no dice roll required, the controller can choose to immediately detonate all Kuang Shi on the field of battle. That's, like, just really mean, man!

So there you have it... how to explode your mindless, re-educated, wrongfully imprisoned minis in the brave new world that is the Human Sphere - enjoy!


Lo-Pan said...

Failure to acknowledge the superiority of Yu Jing is wrong thinking and cannot be tolerated. I like having the remote detonator, which allows the Kuang Shi squad to use two short order movements and not have to worry about self-detonating with another short order. In the game we played the other night, both of my surviving Kuang Shi must have had incomplete reconditioning, since they both failed their self-detonate rolls.

Morgrim Dark said...

Yep... and if your Celestial Guard with the control device hadn't just been gunned down, those Kuang Shi wouldn't have any choice in their role for the greater good!

It was funny that they both failed a WIP 13 test. A wise decision considering the judicious use of their chain rifles though...

Tim said...

Love it!