Monday, June 6, 2011

Annuntio: New Order Sergeant with Spitfire

Beasts of War managed to snag some sneak peek images of the Corvus Belli release of a PanOceania Order Sergeant with spitfire. The model looks absolutely amazing and even seems to push the limits of what CB is capable in terms of dynamic posing and sculpting.

At at guess, I would say the model consists of a leg/torso piece, a separate leg/tabard piece and a single piece for the spitfire arm. Should be great for anyone just looking for a single spitfire arm to convert with.

Also, the head looks a little different because it is a multispectral L2 visor. In game terms, this means that the sergeant suffers no negative modifiers to shooting at models in any form of camouflage. This is a huge boon to a line troop that already has a decent BS of 12.

Thanks again to the BoW guys for this awesome sneak peek.

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