Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Indicium: Spearhead Rules for 40k Now Online

PDF rules for Spearhead are now available here. As an avowed non-subscriber of White Dwarf, I missed this expansion almost completely. I did snag some of the JPGs and downloadable content made available at the time but never actually got into the game.

So I am curious, what do people think about Spearhead? A day after I complain about the lack of hobby content, GW makes this available to all and for "free".

To me, the gesture is a good one, but the ruleset is a pretty blatant attempt to get folks to Buy More Stuff. I wouldn't have a problem with this if a) GW still sold those Apocalypse box sets and b) they had released the Spearhead PDF a month or so after the White Dwarf issue.

At this point, I think the Spearhead thing is gone and done with. I am not sure that most folks will even realize that the rules are available as PDF (hence this post) and that people will be unwilling to play with such a radically altered force organization. The latter is due to the tournament mentality (more on that in another post) but the former falls squarely on GW's slender shoulders.

I certainly don't mind the push to sell models. However, the way to do that is to produce more hobby content like Spearhead and make it available immediately online.


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