Friday, February 4, 2011

Commutatus: AdMech Transport from Micro Arts

I stumbled across this the other day for the first time and I am truly impressed. As a big fan of their Iron Brotherhood line, I think MAS has knocked another one out of the park with this model. While strictly not a conversion, this falls into the commutatus line due to its non-GW nature.

It looks to be about the same footprint as a Chimera and includes a rear hatch just like the chimera's single access point. I will be ordering one of these guys shortly and will let you all know how the model turns out in person.

Question, would you be confused if I ran this as the chimera transport for my AdMech company command squad alongside GW's chimeras used to transport my regular IG troops?


DimmyK said...

could be a traitor chimera definitely

Morgrim Dark said...

I am thinking it would be the transport for these guys:

I run them as an IG company command squad (pictured are the commander and bodyguard). The story is that the AdMech are part of the Vostroyan command structure (the Vossies are ruled by an AdMech technocracy).

Muskie said...

It looks pretty good. I'd like to see non-promo photos too. I'd have no problem if they are comparable in size.