Thursday, October 14, 2010

Commutatus: Vostroyan Rough Riders

Inspired by Santa Cruz Warhammer, I recently picked up a bunch of Rough Riders off ebay for cheap in order to convert them into Vostroyans. The conversion is fairly straightforward, with the hardest part being trimming off the fuzzy sombreros. I hadn't really liked the Rough Rider models, but without the hats they are actually not terrible models.

But of course they are crazy cossacks in the far flung future so normal mounts would not do. Inspired by Sonobovich over at Dakka, these Vostroyans will be riding cave bears! 'bovich used rough rider legs with Valhallan torsos on cave bears from Trent Miniatures. Unfortunately, these guys are no longer available in the US of A so I have an order for ten of these guys en route.

More to come...

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