Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Commutatus: Leman Russ Turret Conversions

Just a couple of quick and dirty turret conversions. I had a couple of the old style Russ turrets lying around and, after recently being stomped by the wolves, decided to convert them to something differently useful from the traditional battlecannon. Notice I did not say 'more' useful, as I consider the LRBT to be a strong option, especially as a backup tank in a squadron. However, having thunderwolf cavalry in my lines by turn two forced me to (re)consider putting some strength 10 big guns in my list.
First up is an Executioner conversion. Although not strength 10, this bad boy adds some much needed high strength, high rate of fire. I have been using a badly converted LRBT turret already as an Executioner, so this simply replaces that model with something a bit more recognizable.

Next up is a Demolisher conversion. This is something that has been lacking in my Vossie list and will add that much desired T5 insta-gib aspect to the game. The muzzle is pvc pipe and the outer ring is the end of a pipe coupler sawed off and filed down. The mount is a standard battlecannon sawed off at the last "knuckle" and two cylindrical sprue pieces added for additional recoil support. I may add more detail to the cannon itself in the form of aquilas, skulls, etc.

Both turrets are from old style Russ tanks, with the addition of three layers of plasti-card to reinforce the bulky look of the guns. Each side of the turret has the same armor plating rather than the hatch box. I also went with inverse rivets (1/8" drill bit). These were both quick conversions that I may add more detail to before painting.

The last one is not a conversion so much as an illustration of the compatibility between older GW kits. In this case, the whirlwind turret happens to fit perfectly in the turret ring on the old-style Leman Russ. I am going to repaint the whirlwind turret to match the tank color scheme and run this as a Manticore. I will remove the lascannon and replace it with a heavy flamer to complete the conversion. That way once the missiles are gone, the tank becomes a hellhound-lite.

From a background perspective, the Vostroyans are well known for their tanks works, and have decided that the Russ chassis would make for a better platform for Storm Eagle rockets than the flimsier Chimera chassis.

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