Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 NOVA Open

Whew, NOVA 2012 is over and there is nothing left except picking up the pieces. Sounds like our attendees had a great time. Certainly everyone who gamed had a great time! The hotel was fabulous as always and the staff seemed to think we were genuinely well behaved. Hope everyone enjoyed the extraneous and additional vendor action - we did a LOT more stuff this year: we sold some digital art, we had a cash raffle, we had a silent auction, we sold meal deals, and we sold lots of NOVA-branded gear (T-shirts, bases, mouse pads, bumper stickers, etc.).

IIRC the NOVA store will continue selling gear long after the convention closes so check back in case you missed a chance to grab some goodies. Mo' money and all that jazz...

Recovery always takes a few days for me. Good thing we have Labor Day this year. Today was essentially spent on the couch, passed out in front of the AMC Clint Eastwood marathon. Made one run out to the local Indian place for a lunch buffet then back to my recumbent status.

A big thanks to all the 40k judges who supported the event. You guys rocked like nobodies business and were really the unspoken heroes of the main event. We literally couldn't have pulled off the NOVA Open Grand Tournament without you. Keeping it real with almost two hundred (200) players is no mean feat and you studs pulled it off graciously and with aplomb!

Speaking of heroes, I couldn't help but be impressed by the immense effort put forward specifically by staffers to create those amazing monuments. In addition to the madness of the scheduled builds and the insanity of 1 million terrain pieces, NOVA folks ripped out some killer monuments. I have to give a shout out to Sam for her amazing wiring and feats of electrical engineering. All of the lighting effects were due to her diligent and tireless efforts to make sure that the 40k Narrative was represented by the best and the brightest of our terrain efforts.

My amazing wife Kelli  took a ton of great photos. Here is a link to the album and below is a slideshow:

I also posted a few Infinity specific pics over here:


Jeff said...

Had a great time. Great to reconnect with the wayward IFL guys. And yes you, Kevin and Rich are part of "my crew" as Malcom would say.

Had a little to many "events" as evidenced by my Sunday absence. Have to priorities the schedule next year. Not as young as I used to be.

Jeff P.


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