Thursday, June 28, 2012

_______ is the Best Army in 6e 40k

There are quite a few blog posts rolling around espousing the virtues of this army or that in 6e 40k - even though the majority have no firm grasp on the new rule set. Never one to miss a bandwagon opportunity, 23lines has decided to jump on board and tell everyone why all the armies are the best of the best - okay, maybe just one or two armies are the best of the best... well clearly the ones that I play are anyway.

Imperial Guard: With all blasts doing full strength against vehicles, IG clearly comes out ahead in the sheer volume of large, ordnance blasts that they can throw. Add to that the Vendetta which is, arguably, the best flyer currently in the game (AV 12, 3 TL Lascannons, and transport) and the guard come strapped with superior air power as well as ground support.

In response to those same flyers, a pure guard list has the best tools to taken down those Zooming monkeys. The hydra flak cannon and the aforementioned Vendetta are the obvious choices, but don't forget that guard orders let you easily twin link autocannon teams. With the new snap fire rules, these teams can even move and fire, hitting at the same BS required to hit a Zooming flyer anyway.

Guard also have a cheap, durable sniper team that can pick off high value targets with the new 'roll a 6, clip a sarge' special rule. 10 Ratlings at 10 points each hiding in cover are a great distraction unit that can be tough to shift. Plus if your opponent doesn't deal with them, you have a good chance of clipping a sanguinary priest or putting paid to the last wound on an independent character.

Oddly enough, the guard even have a ready-made 6e psyker. Although the Pskyer Battle Squad doesn't get a psychic boost in 6e (like they need it), the Primaris psyker get a much needed helping hand. At 70 points and some lackluster standard powers, this guy is a blank canvas upon which a general can paint using choices from something like four different psychic palettes (okay, that analogy got stretched a bit thin - apologies).

I am sure there are many, many, many good points that I am missing about why Imperial Guard are the best of the best of the best (Sir!) in 6e but you get the idea!

Coming soon... why the Tau are the best of the best of the best (Sir!) in 6e...


Unknown said...

Ever going to finish your thoughts on the Tau?

Morgrim Dark said...

Pete, I definitely have a few thoughts that are worth posting. NOVA distracted me a bit and getting in a few games with the Tau have helped hone my impressions. Stay tuned and I will get something posted soon!

Unknown said...

Thanks, I look forward to seeing it. Nova looked awesome!