Monday, April 2, 2012

Ode to the Accelerant

And now on a very special episode of 23lines.... we are very proud to present the literary styling of a giant in our community... I present to you 'Ode to the Accelerant'

The apothecary of modeling, am I
Accelerator be my inspiration, and cyanoacrylite my muse
Be my acrylics and solvents ever within reach, 
and deftly honed blades forever mine to use
Nay, shall I not want for a styrene accouterments, 
nor resin accents, 
nor acrylic rod 
nor photo-etched details
Shall I be beholden to the immutable stain of enamel?
Nay! For mine is the access to alcohol, terpentine and napthol, 
against which all discolrants shall fall.

What care have I for the challenge of the hobby?  
None... as naught but a challenge beneath my contempt;
For have I such tremendous amounts of varied shit around mine house 
That no obstacle cannot be overcome!
-Kevin the Kovarcik

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