Wednesday, January 11, 2012

40k 6e PDF is a Fake!

I have no actual knowledge as to why this may be the case but if its posted on the internet then it must be so!

Fake, fake, fake, fake....

But really fun to read regardless. I think it really speaks to a dearth of 40k subject matter that this garners so much attention.

I do like certain things about it (specifically hull breach and the move actions) and that tiny part of me that still believes in Santa Claus insists that this is a playtest version.

Edit: This entry was posted as a playful response to someone who supposedly had confirmation that the PDF is a fake. When no confirmation was forthcoming, I decided to self-confirm the fakery hence the blog post!

I actually like the leaked rules quite a bit and definitely hope some of these make the final cut for 6th edition.


Tim said...

I haven't read everything but from what I can see, it adds a layer of complexity that 40k really needs. IMO, the game is just a little too simple right now.

Morgrim Dark said...

Tim, its actually pretty interesting. I really like the different move actions and the fact that assault move is an action taken instead of shooting.

My post was really just a response to someone claiming supposed confirmation that this is a fake but then couldn't find the link... so I gave him one!

Joe O' said...

It would be tragic if someone were to, oh, mail me a copy of that pdf.

Tragic, I say.