Friday, July 22, 2011

Indicium: NOVA Open FAQ - Grey Knights

I've been updating the FAQ for the NOVA Open and have generally got things finalized. But I realized that I don't have too many major unanswered questions for the Grey Knights. Games Workshop did a pretty good job of getting out a complete FAQ and errata making my life just that much easier.

Let me know if you feel otherwise, or if you have any burning questions that you want addressed. I am also open to any questions regarding the Dark Eldar that were not answered in the last GW FAQ.

Mike will be releasing a draft version of the NOVA FAQ soon and we will do out best to address outstanding rules issues.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Indicium: Review of Tech Deck's Street Tour Set

Someone over on the Infinity forums pointed out that Tech Deck skateboard park pieces would make good Infinity terrain. Seeing as how I had to hit Target today for kitteh supplies, I dropped by their toy section. Lo and behold a bunch of their Tech Deck stuff is on clearance! I am not surprised given how expensive this stuff is MSRP and I really can't see kids getting too much into this. However, as Infinity terrain its perfect.
I picked up this set for $15 on clearance. It consists of two sections that connect underneath with plastic pins. The construction is solid, befitting a toy designed for use, and the paint job is subtle but sufficient for gaming purposes. It is nicely weathered and has two graffiti graphics that look cool and suit the nature of the terrain. Honestly, there is little I would do in the way of additional painting except perhaps to add some additional detritus in the corners.

I found the curves of this specific piece to mirror my vision of the Infinity architecture. Moreover, the piece looks good setup next to the Topo Solitario IKUBE series of containers. In fact the back of the Tech Deck piece is exactly the height of the IKUBE containers, so you line some containers up and use them to climb over the back of it. Overall dimensions are 22" long by about 8" wide and its about 2" tall at its tallest point.

Exemplum: Hospitaller Knight

A Knight Hostpitaller from the Infinity PanOceania line. He was a test miniature used to help me figure out how I wanted to paint the knights' armor. I am not 100% happy with the way he came out, specifically the interstitial joints on the arms. I will probably go back over the arms with a Vallejo light grey and some watered down black washes.

Exemplum: Order Sergeant

The picture is a little dark, but here is the first Infinity mini that I have painted. She is an Order Sergeant and comes strapped with a combi-rifle.

This model exemplifies the Infinity line viz female models. She is clearly a "she" but does not have the overly-endowed fan service that many other lines seem dedicated to, at least for their female miniatures.