Friday, July 22, 2011

Indicium: NOVA Open FAQ - Grey Knights

I've been updating the FAQ for the NOVA Open and have generally got things finalized. But I realized that I don't have too many major unanswered questions for the Grey Knights. Games Workshop did a pretty good job of getting out a complete FAQ and errata making my life just that much easier.

Let me know if you feel otherwise, or if you have any burning questions that you want addressed. I am also open to any questions regarding the Dark Eldar that were not answered in the last GW FAQ.

Mike will be releasing a draft version of the NOVA FAQ soon and we will do out best to address outstanding rules issues.

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Smurfy said...

Hey Austin, it's Travis if ya remember me. (Was in the NOVA club for a bit and now have moved back west.) I am not entering NOVA but would love to see old friends there, but alas, in the National Guard now here in California and our Annual Training is during the event. D'OH! lol (I woulda easily gone since my mom still lives back in NOVA anyway. ;) Anyways you mention some DE FAQ'ing that GW missed? Here's what I thought up:

1 - When choosing a Court of the Archon for a bought Archon, must we buy AT MINIMUM 1 of each kind of specialist in this squad or can we take individuals as we please?

2 - Do Hellions have to take a Dangerous Terrain check when using a Hit and Run if landing in Difficult Terrain? (Rulebook says the manuever ignores Difficult Terrain but does get affected by Dangerous Terrain, if this helps at all but important to note this is not a MOVE as it's a special action.

3 - Lady Malys's Crystal Heart rule - Is she and her unit only immune to Psychic Powers specifically TARGETING them or even ones that target area? (Like Tempest's Wrath/Murderous Hurricane) Additional: Does shooting from her unit thereby ignore affects granted to units by Psychic Powers? (AKA: Fortitude is ignored and can't be used to remove Stunned/Shaken from damage dealt from the squad Lady Malys has joined OR Blood Angels Shield of Sanguinius doesn't apply because she's in the unit the shots came from?

4 - If one takes the Dais of Destruction for Adurbael Vect: May Harlequins start aboard the vehicle with Vect? RAW - Yes, RAI - Ehhh

5 - A vehicle with a Shock Prow elects to Ram while Tank Shocking along the way: Does the vehicle apply the D3 bonus to it's Front Armour against any Death or Glory attacks in this situation?

6 - What are the proposed firing arcs for Raiders/Ravagers?

There ya go buddy, ;)