Monday, July 11, 2011

Indicium: Review of Tech Deck's Street Tour Set

Someone over on the Infinity forums pointed out that Tech Deck skateboard park pieces would make good Infinity terrain. Seeing as how I had to hit Target today for kitteh supplies, I dropped by their toy section. Lo and behold a bunch of their Tech Deck stuff is on clearance! I am not surprised given how expensive this stuff is MSRP and I really can't see kids getting too much into this. However, as Infinity terrain its perfect.
I picked up this set for $15 on clearance. It consists of two sections that connect underneath with plastic pins. The construction is solid, befitting a toy designed for use, and the paint job is subtle but sufficient for gaming purposes. It is nicely weathered and has two graffiti graphics that look cool and suit the nature of the terrain. Honestly, there is little I would do in the way of additional painting except perhaps to add some additional detritus in the corners.

I found the curves of this specific piece to mirror my vision of the Infinity architecture. Moreover, the piece looks good setup next to the Topo Solitario IKUBE series of containers. In fact the back of the Tech Deck piece is exactly the height of the IKUBE containers, so you line some containers up and use them to climb over the back of it. Overall dimensions are 22" long by about 8" wide and its about 2" tall at its tallest point.


CounterFett said...

Hmmm. I'm pretty sure I am not overstating when I say that that is THE BEST IDEA EVER!

Seriously. You already know how I like to have terrain without effort. Genius. I'm sure my wife will be thrilled at me buying more toys.

Morgrim Dark said...

I'm in the same boat... just keep bringing new toys home... must sell some old ones first.

Check out this piece:

Precinct Omega said...

I just saw the thread that used Tech Deck stuff on the Infinity forums and after a few Google searches ended up here.

I'm stunned by how applicable it all is. The Street Tour sets are pre-coloured like the one you show, but there are also plain coloured blocks in the "Build-a-Park" set that look like they'd take paint and can be assembled in a range of alignments. Obviously, the curving ones aren't much use, but the ramps, steps and corridors are perfect for Infinity urban warfare.

Now searching for bargains on eBay!

Diehard2501 said...

I have a full table of this stuff and love it. It is some of the best. The Love Park set is my favorite but the skate park sections work really well for building things like training grounds and test cities like the one in the Appleseed movie. Best of all they are durable as hell. No more chipped foam or plaster to deal with.