Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Indicium: Grey Knights - What Not to Run

I got in a game last night over at a friends house using the new Grey Knights codex. I had a list planned out, tweaked from the last game I played, and was ready to try out some new units. Upon arriving, however, I realized that I had forgotten the tray containing my dreadnoughts and land raider. D'oh.

Undaunted, I updated the list with some units that I wanted to try out. What I ultimately came up with is THE WORST LIST EVER! Okay, so not really but it sure wasn't good. For your reading pleasure:

Librarian w/various powers
Xenos inquisitor with conversion beamer

inq. warband w/8 psykers, 1 jokaero, 2 multimelta servitors

9 Purifiers w/2 psycannons, halberds, and a MC hammer; rhino
1 techmarine with rad and psychotroke grenades
1 callidus assassin

10 x terminators with 2 psycannons and a MC hammer
10 x grey knights (strike squad), 2 psycannons and a MC hammer; rhino

1 x dreadknight; naked
5 x purgation w/incinerator and rhino

That was it... let me tell you that list did not work. My friend played a strongly themed ultramarine list (Sicarius, 2 x tac squads, assault terms, etc.)

Needless to say I got crushed! The callidus waited until turn 4 to show up, the conversion beamer did absolutely nothing, and eight out of ten terminators were dead by turn two.

Needless to say, that is not a list I will be running again. Obviously, there were too many shiny toys in there to make it work right, but there were also some lessons. Callidus needs to have a GKGM to bring her in with psychic communion. The inquisitor with beamer is a cool concept but not worth the practical limitations of a small blast and range/strength mechanics. The purgation squad should have just been another GKSS squad and hunkered down on an objective for scoring. The techmarine is probably good... when you remember to actual bolster a piece of terrain!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Commutatus: Knight Titan - Conversion Tertia

Another thrilling update in the ongoing saga of the dreadknight titan conversion. I removed the hydraulics on the shoulders and added covering plates. I also bulked out the chainsword arms slightly by adding the ammo boxes from an assault cannon.
Just to break up the monotony of these titan posts, here is a pic of some robed marines sporting parts from the new PAGK kit. The knight on the left has a new storm bolter arm while the other marine has a new psycannon. These guys are part of the core of my GK strike force squads and are meant to be quick to convert and quick to paint. Ultimately, I am targeting four squads of ten, so to keep my attention span from flagging too much I went with the robed marines as being far simpler to paint. These guys will get a little more detail in terms of touch-up and shading but they don't get the same TLC that my metal GKT and PAGK (Purifiers) get.
And finally, a quick size comparison between the marines and the knight titan. As you can see, it is feasible that a grey knight without power armor could be piloting the titan... although he would be a bit cramped!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Commutatus: Knight Titan - Now with Chainsword Arms

First off, thanks for all the great comments yesterday. For today's installment, the model's torso has been lifted a 1/2" and I have roughed in the chainsword arms. The arms have also been re-reversed so they are facing correctly (not that it matter as the fists are no longer an issue). One modeling issue I am on the fence about is whether to greenstuff over the words inscribed on the arms and shoulder pads. Granted they are some of the less goofy words (none of this victor, titan, or terra nonsense) and could be reflective of titan iconography. Any thoughts on this are more than welcome.

As to the head issue, I would definitely entertain any suggestions as to alternate heads. The sentinel cockpit can be popped off the model (even though it was the original inspiration for the piece) and replaced with something more scale to the body. Again, any suggestions would be great.

Next up will be looking at whether and how much to armor the legs. I actually like the exposed struts of the current incarnation, but am considering bulking out the ankles/shins to get it closer to the epic version.

Finally, here is a pic of an unreleased Epicast knight titan. I have been using this guy as a point of reference, as well.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Commutatus: Knight Titan - A Dreadknight Conversion

Here is a very raw version of the mini knight titan I am doing for my dreadknight. The arms are not permanently attached and I still haven't figured out how I want to do the chainsword style arms similar to the knight titans in epic.
Basically, I am trying to build this guy out of the dreadknight kit. Pretty close so far, but I may get rid of the hydraulics that stick out of the DK's shoulders... or maybe not as they look kind of cool. Any thoughts as to how to do chainsword arms would be most appreciated.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Indicium: 40k Whippersnappers

In honor of Tony's win of the Adepticon 40k Championships, I present something only he can appreciate:

The Teenager Audio Test - Can you hear this sound?

Created by Oatmeal

Enjoy, Tony, enjoy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Indicium: 40k is Pure Child's Play

So completely off topic from 40k, I just found a video of myself on a game show as a kid:

Preserved for posterity on YouTube!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Indicium: Forgeworld Grey Knight Updates

In case you didn't know, Forgeworld has released updated rules for the Inquisition and Grey Knights here.

Nothing too exciting but at least they are staying current as quickly as possible. The surprise here is how little they seem to understand their own actual ruleset. I own a Grey Knight Redeemer and plan to play with the psybolt upgrade as psycannons. Per the FW rules, I would end up paying 15 points more for the same stat line and the simple privilege of calling it a psycannon rather than an assault cannon with psybolts.

Same thing goes for the dreadnought upgrade. Basically a 5 point premium for the privilege of calling it a "psycannon"!