Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Indicium: Grey Knights - What Not to Run

I got in a game last night over at a friends house using the new Grey Knights codex. I had a list planned out, tweaked from the last game I played, and was ready to try out some new units. Upon arriving, however, I realized that I had forgotten the tray containing my dreadnoughts and land raider. D'oh.

Undaunted, I updated the list with some units that I wanted to try out. What I ultimately came up with is THE WORST LIST EVER! Okay, so not really but it sure wasn't good. For your reading pleasure:

Librarian w/various powers
Xenos inquisitor with conversion beamer

inq. warband w/8 psykers, 1 jokaero, 2 multimelta servitors

9 Purifiers w/2 psycannons, halberds, and a MC hammer; rhino
1 techmarine with rad and psychotroke grenades
1 callidus assassin

10 x terminators with 2 psycannons and a MC hammer
10 x grey knights (strike squad), 2 psycannons and a MC hammer; rhino

1 x dreadknight; naked
5 x purgation w/incinerator and rhino

That was it... let me tell you that list did not work. My friend played a strongly themed ultramarine list (Sicarius, 2 x tac squads, assault terms, etc.)

Needless to say I got crushed! The callidus waited until turn 4 to show up, the conversion beamer did absolutely nothing, and eight out of ten terminators were dead by turn two.

Needless to say, that is not a list I will be running again. Obviously, there were too many shiny toys in there to make it work right, but there were also some lessons. Callidus needs to have a GKGM to bring her in with psychic communion. The inquisitor with beamer is a cool concept but not worth the practical limitations of a small blast and range/strength mechanics. The purgation squad should have just been another GKSS squad and hunkered down on an objective for scoring. The techmarine is probably good... when you remember to actual bolster a piece of terrain!


Duke of Earl said...

You could make the Inquisitor a psyker with psychic communion for much less than buying a GM, and the Librarian is preferable to a GM in terms of buffing your army.

I wouldn't have taken the conversion beamer though. But then this is my inquisitor, so he's not really modelled with it.

I've lightened his face and based him now, but would need to take another picture.

Morgrim Dark said...

I like your use of the wrist mounted bolter. I assume he is wielding a force weapon as well.

One of these days I will post my conversion beamer inquisitor. The model looks great if only the rules were better!

Duke of Earl said...

Yes, he's the backup to Coteaz. To be honest after years of playing power armoured troops it's the henchmen aspect in Grey Knights that appeals to me.

I have about 40 guardsmen that will be armed with hot shot las or bolters, a few witch elves who can be death cult assassins and so on. Basically it's just an army built out of my bitz box so it's not in any way a "competitive" army. It's just for fun.

Yes, that's a force weapon. Ordo Xenos, psyker, hammerhand unless I feel like fielding some units that need reserve, rad and psychotroke grenades, 93 points.

Morgrim Dark said...

Grey Knights - the Bits Box army!

I agree, the warband really give you a chance to show off a range of fun models with the built-in restrictions of the penal legion or guard vets.

I plan on using a load of Necromunda models (las pistol/ccw) as basic acolytes.

Duke of Earl said...

I also found one of the blisters of frateris militia from the 2nd edition sister's Codex, so they're going in there too.

Coteaz and Antiochus. Best buds for life... which in 40k terms is about five minutes.