Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Commutatus: Knight Titan - A Dreadknight Conversion

Here is a very raw version of the mini knight titan I am doing for my dreadknight. The arms are not permanently attached and I still haven't figured out how I want to do the chainsword style arms similar to the knight titans in epic.
Basically, I am trying to build this guy out of the dreadknight kit. Pretty close so far, but I may get rid of the hydraulics that stick out of the DK's shoulders... or maybe not as they look kind of cool. Any thoughts as to how to do chainsword arms would be most appreciated.


Rushputin said...

I really like this!

Morgrim Dark said...

Thanks, Richard! Its still pretty raw but I think I can get it to a point where I like it.

Ultimately, this model proved a greater challenge to convert than I anticipated. The sentinel cockpit mounted well but everything else involved at lot of cutting. As mentioned in another DK posting, the appearance of ball and socket joints are deceiving as there is very little actual pose-ability afforded in the kit. Overall, I am disappointed in the execution of this model. There could have or should have been a lot more ability to reposition the model but the construction is almost entirely static.

Were I to attempt another DK conversion, I would (ironically) start with the defiler kit, pulling in the sentinel cockpit and imperium bits as needs suited.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Edit for spelling(iPad stooging me):

Hey cool, this was my first thought when I saw that shitty little leaked picture of the Grey Knights army group shot ages back, dread knight = knight paladin.

Scale seems a little off in reference to the cockpit though, is there any way to space the torso and legs or bulk them out a bit to get some more size out of him?

Good stuff, I'm glad someone is running with this!

Oli said...

Nicely done dude.
I'm also doing this conversion but try to recut the sentinel cockpit a little so that it doesn't stand out that much. Still haven't got that stupid cockpit yet but already figured out the same problem as you did: That stupid ball and socket joint.
Hope you didn't glue the arms already cause you interchanged them and that could mean big trouble if you want to attach the hands.
For the chainsword the one from Malicant from the Inquisitor range could probably fit or you build one out of Orc chainswords.

SketchbookGaming said...

Very cool.
I'd think that you could do a chainsword for this guy by using layers of plasticard. It would take three, two outside pieces for the sides of the guard and the middle piece would be cut to have the teeth in it. Glue them all together and you might have something workable.

Ron, From the Warp