Saturday, May 14, 2011

Exemplum: Journey to Infinity

After demoing Infinity at Adepticon, I knew I was hooked.  Shatter Hands and I started playing a couple of weeks ago and he is pimping the game over here. First off, you need terrain and a fair amount of it. So to start things off, here is a link to Toposolitario for some amazing printable terrain. Seen above is his Industrial Complex battlemat and his series of IKUBE containers. The latter require no glue and can be assembled in only a few minutes.
It looks like the Ash Waste nomads have invaded the universe of Infinity. I should be getting some of the Teutonic knights from Infinity soon, but until then some Necromunda minis will have to do.

Here is another shot of Topo's amazing terrain. A few more containers and I will be able to set up corridors and fire lanes cross the entire board.

For more information on Infinity click here.


Tim said...

HOLY! That terrain looks great. I see you printed out the battle mat, did you glue to a board or something?

Now I am really bummed I had to bail on you guys last Friday...

Morgrim Dark said...

Tim, no worries, I put the board and containers together today. I went a little nuts and glued the battle mat to MDF. Foam core would have been easier and likely the route I would recommend for others.

MFerek said...

your infinity models look funny. what faction are they from?