Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Indicium: Warhounds at the Gladiator Tournament

I have entered the Adepticon Gladiator tournament this year... and plan on losing every game! Seriously, my goal is just to have fun and take a unit or two that I normally wouldn't be able to run in a normal game of 40k.

Specifically, my Armorcast Warhound will be making an appearance, complete with plasma blastgun  and turbo-laser destructor. Having played a few games with this hulking beast, I am firmly convinced that destroyer blast weapons really have no place in a game of regular 40k. Of course, the Gladiator is not a normal game of 40k and I fully expect to see a bevy of flyers, super heavy tanks and walkers, and gargantuan creatures. This is also why I am expecting to lose. Having not used the warhound overmuch, I really have no sound tactics and will likely just shoot at the biggest thing on the board... hopefully that works!

On the plus side, no Reavers allowed this year and hopefully the organizers clean up that silliness about flyer bases blocking opposing units from assaulting.

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Col. Corbane said...

Cracking goal mate, hope you have a blast!