Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Commutatus: Psyker Battle Squad

I've had a box of WFB Flagellants laying around my workspace for a while just waiting to be converted into a psyker battle squad. Unfortunately (for them) I've been using some Ash Waste Nomads as perfectly legitimate stand-ins. However, I have recently had an interest in running a penal legion, so the ash wasters have been upgraded, so to speak, into former occupants of one of the many penitentiaries that are hidden under hive Nercomunda.
These wild psykers have been culled from the masses of humanity that normally exhibit little or no warp taint. They have been herded off into the dreaded black ships that ply the immaterium, relentlessly searching for their psychically attuned prey.
The few that survive the less-than-deft touch of the imperial interrogators are formed into battle squadrons, held in the most loath conditions, until such time as their unique form of warfare is required. Sanctioned by the imperium, these psykers exist only to serve the Emperor.
This servitude will last for only as long as it takes for them to die on the field of battle, killed by the enemy or their overseer for succumbing to the warp. As such, the comfort of these sad creatures is largely disregarded. They are confined to psychically sealed chambers aboard the great dreadnoughts that carry the imperial guard to their next conflict.

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