Thursday, July 10, 2008

Advocatus: Playing Tau in 40k 5e

Playing Tau in 5e becomes a whole new game. With the new assault rules and new line of sight rules, I predict Tau will be one of the strongest army lists (at least until the FAQ comes out). Basically, with assaulting units not being able to consolidate into a new assault, the Tau gunline becomes a very feasible tactic. Add to that the Tau almost unique ability to be able to remove conver saves (markerlights) and the amount of AP1/2 weaponry that can fielded mean that the Tau should be nigh on unstoppable.

The real weakness will be in the troop department for scoring and the number of possible kill points that a decent Tau list can give up. However, keeping troop choices in transports and always taking a disruption pod (4+ cover save), you should be able to claim objects relatively easily. The key is going to be a mix of mobile and static infantry and knowing when the static troops need to become more mobile (even at the expense of shooting).

My current 5e Tau list looks like this:

Shas'el - Plasma rifle, CIB, Multitracker
2 x Crisis squad - Suits x 3, plasma rifles and fusion blasters
3 x Firewarrior squad - 10 x firewarriors, Shas'ui with bonding knife
2 x Kroot squad - 14 x kroot carnivores, 3 x kroot hounds
2 x Pathfinder squad - 8 x pathfinders, devilfish with disruption pod
1 x Hammerhead
1 x Broadside squad - 3 x broadsides, advanced stabilization, 2 x shield drones

A lot of markerlights coupled with the pathfinders' devilfish that can transport both firewarriors and kroot (not at the same time, of course).

Monday, July 7, 2008

Exemplum: Tyranid Assault Brood

As part of the 40k 5th edition release, Games Workshop is offering an awesome deal on a tyranid force called the Tyranid Assault Brood. For $180 USD you get the equivalent of two tyranid battleforces (already a good deal, with the contents of each $90 battleforce retailing for $145), plus you get an additional carnifex. Basically, you are paying for two tyranid battleforces and getting a free carnifex!

For an even better deal, order through The Warstore and get 20% off. Get a brood while you can as this looks to be a 5e splash release and won't be available for too long.

Commutatus: Dark Angels Upgrade Sprue

One of the best deals offered by GW in a long time is the Dark Angels Chapter Upgrade. For $20 USD you get two full DA upgrade sprues that include 5 robed marine bodies, heads, bolters, etc. and more veteran bits than you can shake a power fist at. That is a total of 10 space marines with weapons - all you need to supply are the bases.

Even if you don't play the list, the DA chapter upgrade offers a huge number of bits and some great robed bodies that can be used for conversions. Speaking of conversions, I will be using the DA upgrade sprue in a number of upcoming commutatus blog entries, so be sure to order a few. Another sprue that will see heavy usage in this blog is the space marines command squad sprue. A little more expensive, but the command sprue includes everything from bolt and plasma pistols to special weapons to the apothecary upgrade - definitely worth it.