Monday, July 7, 2008

Commutatus: Dark Angels Upgrade Sprue

One of the best deals offered by GW in a long time is the Dark Angels Chapter Upgrade. For $20 USD you get two full DA upgrade sprues that include 5 robed marine bodies, heads, bolters, etc. and more veteran bits than you can shake a power fist at. That is a total of 10 space marines with weapons - all you need to supply are the bases.

Even if you don't play the list, the DA chapter upgrade offers a huge number of bits and some great robed bodies that can be used for conversions. Speaking of conversions, I will be using the DA upgrade sprue in a number of upcoming commutatus blog entries, so be sure to order a few. Another sprue that will see heavy usage in this blog is the space marines command squad sprue. A little more expensive, but the command sprue includes everything from bolt and plasma pistols to special weapons to the apothecary upgrade - definitely worth it.

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